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Save the Flower Growers!

 Due to Covid-19, flower growers from all around the world are struggling to make ends meet. Flowers are being left in the fields to die or thrown into dumpsters. Farmers and their employees are losing their hard work. Please help me raise money to help these farmers! 

How it works: 

1.) Donate however much you can afford through my Paypal account. If you don't have Paypal, I can send you a request for however much you would like to donate. Please email me at or text me (862) 268-2917 if you are interested. 

2.) Once I raise at least $100, I will purchase flowers and the money will go directly to the farmers. 

3.) If you are local in the Lehigh Valley, I will deliver a small arrangement to you with these flowers. 

4.) If you are not local to the Lehigh Valley, you can still donate and I can send you a mystery box of flowers through my wholesaler, but non local donations need to be a minimum of $45.00.

5.) I will be collecting donations up until June 1, 2020! 

*There will not be set flower choices since I will be purchasing whatever is available to help these farmers. 

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