This digital gift card would be perfect if you don't want to spend money on a full summer flower subscription, but still want your mom to receive fresh, local, sustainable flowers this summer. This gift card can be given now as a gift for later use in the summer when it is time to harvest and design arrangements. 


*There is a $2.50 processing fee


How it works (feel free to print this): 

1.) 1.) Once purchased, you will receive an email with the link that lasts for 30 days. Make sure to download or print out the gift card as a back up. Note: You will not be able to download the link on the "thank you" page after your order is complete. Please download from your email.

2.) Please make sure I have your (or your mom's) information so I am able to communicate when flowers are ready.  You can add a note at check ou OR if you would like to email me separately from this order, my email is 

3.) When flowers are in bloom in the summer (sometime in mid-July), I will contact you so you know when to start placing your order. We can set up a day and time for me to deliver to you. 

4.) Please take note: Flowers are subject to change throughout the summer and I cannot always guarantee certain varieites or colors due to ever changing blooms and weather conditions. What I can do is provide you a list of flowers in bloom at the time of your order. 

5.) If you have any questions or concerns about the gift card, please feel free to contact me anytime 

Example flower list: 










~And many more!

Mother's Day Gift Card $35


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